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Vega Simplifies Resolver Converters

Vega provides a wide variety of options to convert your resolver feedback to a simpler digital format including quadrature, serial, and parallel. There a many other features to select including resolution, update rates, and cabinet mounting. With decades of experience, Vega has shipped thousands of boards all over the world providing a robust and reliable product.

Field Upgrades

Vega resolver converter boards are ideal for upgrades where you want to preserve the existing resolver-based motor, drive system, cabling and reduce engineering time but want flexibility on the selection of the controller. The cost per axis is minimized and you still get the added benefits of reliability, performance and throughput from the upgraded controls.

New Applications

Resolvers are very rugged devices and provide long product life in applications with extreme conditions. Applications with radiation, high vibration and extreme temperatures are optimal for resolvers. The Vega resolver converter boards allows for the use of resolver-based motors with greater flexibility in selecting controls. Features like increased noise immunity, din rail mount, accessible cabling help simplify the integration.

Rockwell Automation Kinetix® Platform

Vega developed a converter that plugs directly into the Rockwell Automation Kinetix drive family. The board provides a seamless integration minimizing cabling and maintaining the performance of the motor and drive. The boards form factor is small enabling it to plug directly into the front of the drive without significantly effecting the cabinet size requirements. Resolver feedback is converted to quadrature and simulated Hall Effect switches are used to provide data for motor commutation.

Support for Wide Variety of Motors

Vega has experience with resolver conversion on a wide variety of motors and manufacturers. We have interfaced to motors manufactured by Rockwell, Kollmorgen, Siemens, Elwood, Sew, Baldor, Lenze and others. If the simulated Hall Effect sensors option is selected for motor commutation Vega will need to determine the correct placement of the sensors. In order to determine the placement of the sensors Vega will need to test a sample motor if we have not previously verified that family of motor.

Vega DNC Software

Vega built upon its DNC experience and has produced software to increase efficiency in the production of parts. Vega provides software to help view and edit part programs. There is an additional option to optimize the part program reducing production time and increasing part quality. Vega also has an option for a DNC-link to talk directly to the controls sending part data.