VEGA DATA-View 3D NC File Viewer, Back-Plotter, Editor and DNC System

Edit, View, Verify, Feed Rate Optimize and Download your CNC Part Programs.

Graphically View & Verify Your NC Tool Path

DATA-View is a FAST and EASY to use PC Based Graphical tool path verification utility that includes an NC File Editor. DATA-View can quickly load large NC, STL, and HPGL files. DATA-View also supports DXF file exporting of NC File data.

View 3D Back-Plotter

Load NC, STL, and HPGL Data

Load very LARGE files FAST! using DATA-View 10-100 MB files don't stand a chance. File loading rates as fast as 1 second a MB, you will be viewing and editing your data without delay!

At A Glance Displays

DATA-View is Intuitive, Interactive, easy to use and has handy At-A-Glance display screens designed for the NC operator. M & G codes are displayed in a man readable format (No codes to decipher)

Verify the NC File

DATA-View allows you to verify the cutter path by processing the tool path as the CNC would. DATA-View executes all motion as well as Canned Cycles, M & G Codes, Spindle Speeds, Tool Codes, and Feedrates. See potential errors and surface violations before they end up on your part!!!

View the NC File

DATA-View allows you to view the NC data depending on your viewing needs. View your NC data by:

  • By Overlaying the cutter path on top of your STL model
  • By Feedrates, Active Tool, and Executed Block
  • By Region (Graphic display start point)
  • By Z Level (Height Mapping)
  • Unique M and G code Nodes for graphic display
  • Displays Modal/Active M and G codes
  • Detailed Canned Cycle information
  • Status Flags for Rapid, Spindle, Tool Changes, Dwell, Canned Cycles, Tool Length/Diameter codes
  • Heads-Up-Display including programmed messages, Modification Flags, and Feed-O-Meter

Easy to Use Tools

DATA-View has Intuitive tools to provide a powerful link between man and machine. Viewing tools include:

  • Pick-A-Line for selection of lines, arcs, and circles
  • Dynamic Zoom for real time zooming
  • Zoom Window
  • Dynamic Rotation tool for real time rotations
  • Pan Display

Advanced NC File Text Editor

Syntax Highlighting NC File Editor

DATA-View advanced syntax highlighting editor is fast, powerful and easy to use.

  • Syntax Highlighting for easy editing
  • Unique Colors for M and G Codes
  • Cut, Copy, Past, Paste Inverted (Reversed)
  • Search/Replace for text, Block Numbers, Position, Feedrates, spindle Speed, Tool Number, etc.
  • Edit in Execution window or Full Screen edit modes
  • Append files (Merge multiple files)
  • Print NC files in color or black and white

Built In Macros

DATA-View comes fully equipped with built in macros. Use these macros to quickly and safely modify NC files:

  • Independent Axis Scaling, Mirroring, and Offsets
  • Axis Interchange (Swap Axis)
  • Reverse Entire File
  • Z Level Plateau (Z axis Trim)
  • Strip Rapids, Feedrates, and/or Spindle codes
  • Strip Block Numbers, Spaces, Leading/Trailing zeros, and Redundant data
  • Block Re-Number with Increment and Roll-Over

View3D NC File Viewer

Linked Text and Graphic Display

DATA-View has direct correlation between the graphic display and the text window. Cursor to a location in the text window and the tool moves to the same location in the graphic display. Use the Pick-A-Line tool to select a line, arc, or circle in the graphic window and the correlating text is highlighted.

View STL Files & NC Data

View 3D DNC System

Import STL Solid Data

DATA-View can Import both ASCII and Binary STL solid model data. This enables DATA-View to view STL data along with single or multiple NC data files. Now you can see the bigger picture...The complete part!!!

STL Tools Include

  • Viewing Solid Models
  • Overlay NC Data File over a Solid Model
  • Overlay Multiple NC Data Files over a Solid Model
  • Offset Tool Geometry by Tip of Tool or Center of Ball
  • Convert Binary SLT to ASCII STL format
  • Convert ASCII STL to Binary format

DATA-Link Single Port DNC

Add the DATA-Link option to DATA-View and add real time DNC capability. . DATA-Link supports drip feeding large files without any file size limitation.

DATA-Link allows the user to safely start the download in the middle of the program. DATA-Link scans the program and tracks the status of the Spindle, Coolant, Tool Changes, M & G codes and then creates the necessary start up codes.


DATA-Optimize Option

Add the DATA-Optimize option to DATA-View and stop your machines from banging, slamming, and jack hammering.

DATA-Optimize is a 3D vector analyzing process that embeds acceleration and deceleration feedrates into the NC file. to make your machine run smoother and run your programs faster.


5 Axis Option

Add the 5 Axis Option to DATA-View and take the guesswork out of the complexities of 5 Axis machining.

Reduce Costly Mistakes- There is a potential crash behind every tilt, rotation, pivot and retract. Wouldn't you like to see them ahead of time?