VEGA DATA-Optimize CNC File and Feed Rate Optimization

Dramatically Reduce CNC Machining Time And Improve Surface Finish-CNC Feed Rate Optimization that automatically adjusts feed rates based on surface contour, corners, direction reversal, and machine dynamics.

Optimize Your NC Data

DATA-Optimize is NOT based on material removal rates. It was created to work with CAD systems to improve performance based on motion dynamics of the part program and the machine tools ability to respond to them.

VEGA Data Feed Rate Optimization

View the Optimized Data

Preview the optimized data and see exactly where the acceleration and deceleration occurs. This dynamic representation of the feedrate execution says it all. DATA-View's Adaptive animation allows the user to see changes in tool velocity based on the NC file feedrates.

DATA-Optimize A Smoother Approach

Optimize CNC File

Does your Haas, Fadal, or Fanuc make your machine walk across the floor?

Do your operators turn the feedrate down because your machine slams or overshoots in the corners or tight radius contours?

Does your machine stutter, jackhammer, and jerk when cutting complex/compound surfaces?

No more worry's about Look Ahead...

With DATA-Optimize consider your data LOOKED AHEAD!!!

DATA-Optimize is a 3D Vector analyzing process that embeds acceleration and deceleration feedrates into the NC file based on mechanical dynamics of the machine and the block processing rate of the CNC.

DATA-Optimize is far more than just Look Ahead. Dramatically improve your production by making you machine run smoother and position more accurately. Eve large machines will move like graceful giants.

  • No More Hard Stops
  • Reduce Benching Time
  • Reduce Tool Breakage and Machine Wear
  • Remove Gouges and Surface Violations from Overshoot
  • Reduce Cutter Deflection in Corners
  • Hold Tighter Tolerances
  • Improve Surface Finish
  • Finish Parts at Higher Feedrates