VEGA 2796517 - Compact DIN Rail Resolver to Absolute Encoder Board

Get the Ruggedness of a Resolver and the Digital Simplicity of an Absolute Encoder. Resolver to High Resolution Incremental Encoder Output with Index and Complements with Loss of Resolver Signal Detection for Fail Safe Operation.


  • Ideal for Closed Loop Positioning Systems
  • CNC and Machine Tool Applications
  • PLC Positioning Control
  • Index/Rotary Tables
  • Tracking/Telescope/Telemetry Systems
  • Transfer Lines
  • Factory Automation
  • Robotic Applications
  • Nuclear Applications



2.5, 5.0, or 10.0 kHz

Resolver Input:

0.8 to 18.0 vPP


+4.8 to +5.4 vDC @ 250 mA
or +23 to +25 vDC @ 200 mA

Drive Capacity:

200 mA Peak


4.000 x 0.700 x 4.725 in


135 grams (with connectors)


+/- 3 arc minutes typical


  • Makes a Synchro/Resolver as Easy to use as an Encoder
  • Non-Phase Locked Loop Design for Faster Loop Closure (Less than 50 uSec @ 10 kHz)
  • Absolute Resolver Position Upon Power Up (within 1 Resolver Cycle)
  • Initiate Run Out Input to Start Absolute Position Output
  • Run Out Complete Output to Indicate Completion of Absolute Shaft Position in Quadrature
  • Incremental Encoder Output after Run Out Complete
  • High Resolution and Highly Accurate
  • Tuned Filter For Noise Immunity
  • Available in both +5 vDC or +24 vDC Supply Operation
  • Loss of Signal Detection
  • Fault Signal Outputs: Tri-State A-Quad-B, and Relay output
  • Status LED's for A, B, Z, Signal HI, Signal MID, and Faul
  • Easy to Install
  • Compact DIN Rail design only 0.700 inch wide
  • Matting connectors included


  • Works with Harowe/Danaher, Tamagawa, Kerfott, Singer, AMCI, or most any synchro/resolver.
  • Works with R11, R25 and Hollow Shaft Resolvers
  • Two Pole and Multi-Pole (Multi-Speed) Resolvers
  • Transformation ratios from 0.25 to 2.0
  • Jumper selectable excitation frequency 2.5, 5 and 10 kHz
  • Incremental encoder A-Quad-B with Index and complements
  • TTL / Line Driver Outputs for A-Quad-B and Index
  • Jumper selectable quadrature count, 1000, 1024, 2000, 2048, 4000, 4096, 8000, and 8192
  • Index pulse (Z Channel) occurs once per resolver cycle


The tracking rate is a function of the excitation frequency and quadrature counts. With a 2.5 kHz excitation and 4000 quadrature counts the tracking rate would be 9,600 rpm. With a 10.0 kHz excitation and 4000 quadrature counts the tracking rate would be 38,400 rpm. Reducing the counts will increase the tracking rate proportionately.

Part Number

Model Description
2796517.05 +5 vDC Resolver to Digital Converter
2796517.24 +24 vDC Resolver to Digital Converter