VEGA 2790505 - Synchro Resolver to Absolute SSI Converter Boards

Get the Ruggedness of a Resolver with Absolute Multi-Turn Position. Resolver to 25 Bit Absolute Position with Fault Status Bit and SSI Interface with Position Recovery after Power Fail and Loss of Resolver Signal Detection.


  • Ideal for Nuclear Applications
  • CNC and Machine Tool Applications
  • PLC Positioning Control
  • Index/Rotary Tables
  • Tracking/Telescope/Telemetry Systems
  • Transfer Lines
  • Factory Automation
  • Robotic Applications



2.5, 5.0, or 10.0 kHz

Resolver Input:

0.8 to 18.0 vPP


+4.8 to +5.4 vDC @ 250 mA

Drive Capacity:

200 mA Peak


5.250 x 2.825 x 1.000 in.
5.400 x 3.500 x 1.850 w/DIN


80 grams (148 grams w/DIN)


+/- 3 arc minutes typical


  • *Absolute Multi-Turn Position Feedback
  • 25 Bit SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface)
  • 11 Bit Turn Count, 13 Bit Resolution
  • Position Recovery on Power Up
  • Counter Reset Input
  • Compatible with Galil Controllers
  • Non-Phase Locked Loop Design
  • Highly Accurate
  • Tuned Filter For Noise Immunity
  • Single +5 vDC Supply Operation
  • Loss of Signal Detection
  • Fault Signal Outputs: Tri-State A-Quad-B, and Active Pull-Up
  • Status LED's for A, B, Z, Signal HI, Signal MID, and Fault
  • Configurable Fault conditioning for Fail-Safe operations
  • Easy to Install and Easy to Set Up
  • Panel Mount or DIN Rail mounting option

* Absolute Multi-Turn position on SSI interface only
* Tracking limited to +/- 0.25 resolver cycle with power off


  • Works with Harowe/Danaher, Tamagawa, Kerfott, Singer, AMCI, or most any synchro/resolver.
  • Works with R11, R25 and Hollow Shaft Resolvers
  • Two Pole and Multi-Pole (Multi-Speed) Resolvers
  • Transformation ratios from 0.25 to 2.0
  • Jumper selectable excitation frequency 2.5, 5 and 10 kHz
  • Incremental encoder A-Quad-B with Index and complements
  • TTL / Line Driver Outputs for A-Quad-B and Index
  • Jumper selectable quadrature count, 1000, 1024, 2000, 2048, 4000, 4096, 8000, and 8192
  • Index pulse (Z Channel) occurs once per resolver cycle

SSI Interface

The 2790505 Resolver to Digital Converter has a differential SSI interface for applications requiring a serial interface. This makes the 2790505 ideal for applications where absolute multi-turn resolver feedback is required.

High Speed Tracking

The tracking rate is a function of the excitation frequency and quadrature counts. With a 2.5 kHz excitation and 4000 quadrature counts the tracking rate would be 9,600 rpm. With a 10.0 kHz excitation and 4000 quadrature counts the tracking rate would be 38,400 rpm. Reducing the counts will increase the tracking rate proportionately.

Part Number

Model Description
2790505 Resolver to SSI Converter
2790DIN DIN Rail Mounting Option
2790CK1 Solder Type Connector Kit
2790CK2 Crimp Type Connector Kit